Privacy Policy Of GetInsta

GetInsta’s Privacy Policy will reveal how we handle your data from your activities on our site. Read and understand how we operate, then make a decision based on your preferences.

Personal user identification methods

The data we collect about you personally is very limited. In default cases, we store the following details:

  • The visits you have completed on GetInsta: we store the number of visits and times of access to be able to identify any vulnerabilities the site may have.

  • Activities you have completed on GetInsta: we store the actions completed on GetInsta from users' profiles to improve our results from different devices, completed on different Internet connections and loading speed. We do this for necessary internal metrics.

  • Your contact data: we store your name, email and message only when you complete the form from our Contact Us page. We need that in order to get back to you and reply to your issue.

  • Other data you consent to provide to us: during our communication or during your time spent on GetInsta, you might share with us details about yourself. In order to deliver premium customer assistance, we will store those details as well. We would never otherwise require you to share any personal information with us.

Non-personal user identification methods

GetInsta will collect a small amount of data from a visit/action regarding non-personal details. Here are the cases that might arise:

  • Browser type: we will collect numbers regarding web browser usage to ensure we have a product that works seamlessly on all browsers. We do not save personal details from your browser login or history.

  • Device type: we will collect numbers regarding various device types' usage to ensure we have a product that works seamlessly on all of them. We do not save personal details from your device in any capacity.

  • Operating system choice: we collect numbers regarding site visits and actions performed from various operating devices. We do so to identify potential errors and deliver a working web service for iOS, Android, Windows and other systems.

  • Other miscellaneous details: When we analyse our site’s performance, we might collect data about the most used locations, Internet providers, loading speed, and other information in that vein. We only use them to run backend tests and make the site’s usability better.

GetInsta’s data collection & data handling

GetInsta will not mishandle or misuse your data when you use our Instagram downloader. We comply with the current legislation regarding online safety and privacy. To make everything more transparent, here’s how we operate with user data.

Saving user data

We limit the amount of time we save your data. Usually, details about you or your browser will be scrapped after a few months. During that amount of time, your data will be stored in a safe server so we can better our product. If we extend the normal amount of time, we do so for legal compliance: either to respect user data, operate better or for legal agreement reasons.

Storing user data

We keep user data in a server that is very safe, having multiple layers of security. We strive to keep it from any malware or virtual attacks. The people from our team who have access use it restricted, so they don’t get the full picture.

We don’t sell the data collected

When we handle your data, we do it completely in our internal systems. Only our team members have limited access to it and can see automated reports based on specific queries, like iOS usage on GetInsta.

Once you use the site, you consent to this handling of data. On our end, we ensure that we do not use it for exterior purposes. We will not sell your data to other companies or advertisers, and we will not use it for chain emails or excessive promotional materials to your inbox.

We will change this way of handling only in exceptional cases described below.

Legal compliance in severe cases

We are required to share your data in certain special cases:

  • When asked by an authority to aid in an investigation

  • When we have to fight/appeal a case of misused GetInsta intellectual property

  • When we investigate a possible case of a user not following the user agreement

  • When we must protect other users from bullying and harassment

  • When we have to protect our brand and team from legal liabilities

GDPR operation for EU users

If you are a GetInsta user from the EU, know that we work under the provisions and limitations of GDPR. We process data if:

  • You give us consent by clicking the button on our site

  • We perform a service by our Terms and Conditions

  • We have a vital legal interest in completing an action with your data

We follow the rights you are given for GDPR. For any question or request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cookies policies of GetInsta

The average data packs that we collect from users are extracted from Cookies. They are a standard tracking technology that stores the information we need from you and your device.

Unless you agree for us to track Cookies, you will not be able to use the service. The session operates at the time of you being online on our site. Once you close the tab or suspend your Internet connection, our tracking stops.

Types of Cookies:

  • Essential Cookies: these are basic datasets that allow you access to the functionalities presented by GetInsta. Their main role is to ensure a good function of the page and prevent malware and spam use of the site.

  • Persistent Cookies: these are recurrent datasets that run every time you open our site and use it. You must consent to the procedure in order for it to work constantly and properly.

  • Functionality Cookies: these are features that you set to our site, like mainframe language and type of download, that will be remembered and will be set as default the next time you use GetInsta. You need to select them and consent in order for the site to work that way.

  • Performance Cookies: these remember details about your session, starting from device and browser settings, actions performed and loading speed. We use them to see how different queries perform and to make changes if the site lags or freezes during such frames.

  • Advertising Cookies: these allow us to display ads that are relevant to your consumer profile and to limit the amount displayed on screen. This lets us show you relevant content when you use our page, even if we are not the ones who create it directly.

Ads displayed on GetInsta

The ads displayed on our site appear by your preferences and are decided by your Cookie's consent. They are rendered from information that is not personal and not traceable. This is a standard procedure across the web.

In this way, we maintain a page that is completely usable and relevant for you or any other GetInsta user. We do not change any feature that is not strictly built in the Google Advertising default. For more information, go to Google’s product page to find out more.

User agreement on privacy

Once you use GetInsta, you automatically agree to the statements on this page and the Terms and Conditions page. We encourage you to read them first and then start using our service. If there is anything that you disagree with, do not use GetInsta. Changes cannot be applied retroactively.

For any particular questions that you may have and you did not find the answer to from this page, you can always visit our Contact Us page and write us a message. A member of our Support team will gladly reach out to you in a small amount of time to provide the answers you seek.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

We may at any time change the provisions from this page. These changes are done at our discretion, and since users do not have to log in, you will not be immediately notified of what we changed.

If you continue to use GetInsta’s website features after we made a change, you automatically agree to the changes and consent that you want to proceed. Changes will only arise if there is a specific legal doctrine on online privacy that changes the way we have to operate.