What is an Insta Downloader and why do people use GetInsta?

Our tool helps people who want to save specific content from social media but do not want to compromise on quality by simply screenshotting. We give users a source to download any IG post: videos, reels, pictures, carousels, and stories. Our Instagram Downloader service accesses the main app's features and delivers instantly. 

Save Instagram photo and video posts with confidence because:

  • We came up with a solution that fills a user experience gap: from the main app, you do not have an option to save your content, so you can do it via GetInsta.

  • Our team encourages ethical use, and we aim to allow you to own your content and not cause harm to other users.

  • Our service is anonymous and private. We care about your data safety and do not require details about you or your social accounts.

  • We connect directly to the main servers, there is no midway, so we eliminate waiting time and security vulnerability.

  • Whatever post is hosted in the public domain may be saved for personal reasons. Such a thing is not an infringement. However, redistribution (especially for monetary gain) is not allowed, so we discourage such behaviour from our users.

  • We will not spam you with fishy ads, pop-ups, or any spam content.

Our own download tool is meant for safe, legal use. Do not infringe on anyone's safety and privacy. Meant for ethical purposes only.

What free services does GetInsta offer?

Reasons why you should use GetInsta free Instagram downloader?

  1. Our service permits users to download Instagram photos, videos, reels and stories from Instagram. We work for free and are browser-based.

  2. You don't have to connect your Instagram account. If the account is public and you have the link(s), you can use GetInsta for Instagram content. 

  3. Whatever you choose to do, the steps are simple. Copy the URL, paste it on our page, and click download.

  4. The files we deliver are not compressed, resized or altered. We deliver at the highest quality in any given case.

  5. Choosing us is time-efficient: request to download multiple Instagram posts by simply pasting the URLs. 

  6. Our main interface is web-based, and works on computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

  7. We created a system in which you can download posts anonymously. Nobody will be notified of your activity!

  8. The files you save will be clear of any watermarks. You will not see our brand plastered over the pictures or videos.

  9. Besides the classic way of submitting a post from a profile, we allow posts to be selected from hashtags or locations.

GetInsta lets you easily download any content from IG's main app from public accounts. Download photos and videos to your computer or phone for free in a matter of seconds.

GetInsta ‘Instagram Downloader' tutorial takes 1 minute!

  1. Open the Instagram app and locate the profile you need through the app on your phone or Instagram web browser.

  2. Find the post you want to save, video or photo. From the menu or the URL bar, press "copy link" so you have the selection ready.

  3. In GetInsta's tab, paste the copied Instagram link. Make sure it's the correct one, before hitting "Download".

  4. Your screen will fill up with copies of the content. Make your selection, press the "Download" button again, and your browser will send the files to your personal storage.

There you have it, our steps to download content from Instagram. 

No watermark Instagram Downloader - Applied to any Instagram post

We created a no watermark Instagram downloader because we want to make it convenient and non-invasive. The server will connect to the app's media content. So we skip over other channels and render high-quality products. 

Downloading from Instagram happens when our system verifies and scrapes the content you indicate by adding the URL. This type of access means we serve the file "raw" with no edits. Even if the backend methods are modern and fast, you will not be impacted as a result. You don't need an account here, access to IG, any VPN or plug-in.

When to store photos and videos from Instagram with no alternation, you cut back on time spent on resizing or edits.

Save photos and videos from Instagram on iOS

  1. Save the post URL from the top page if you are working from the web-based version.

  2. Save the post URL from the "More" section of the app menu if you're opening in-app.

  3. Paste the Instagram link in GetInsta's box and click the button next to it.

  4. GetInsta, your tool to download Instagram, will deliver your needed content.

Save Instagram images and videos on Android

  1. Choose an IG post you want to download (remember you can choose multiple if you wish).

  2. Copy the Instagram URL and paste the Instagram link into the input box from our site.

  3. Scroll away from the box and press the download button.

  4. Your files are now done and you can save them!


Is GetInsta a free service or do I have to pay?

GetInsta is completely free. We do not require money or you to sign up or give us your login. You are free to download all your Instagram posts.

Can I download videos and photos from any user?

Yes, if the account is public. Our Instagram content is through third-party delivery. Our servers allow you to download any pictures or videos.

How does a download from Insta on a PC work?

GetInsta allows you to download Instagram files on your PC and laptop. Just copy and paste the link in our box. 

What is the location of the downloaded files?

Instagram stories, pictures, videos and reels will be converted and saved to your device Downloads. 

Does the GetInsta keep a history of my downloads?

No. Our tool for downloading from Instagram does not keep a log of your activity. This feature allows you to download discreetly. 

What type of file formats does GetInsta support for downloading?

Stills will come in two available formats, JPG and PNG, and you pick your preferred one. The video downloader will render automatically to MP4s.