Instagram Reel Downloader works for any video! 

We are a third-party tool for Instagram Reels video saving without using your screen record. You take the file from your download history and save Reels videos to your phone or desktop.  

Our product is not intended for commercial purposes, copyright infringement, or harassment of users.

What are the best features of Instagram saving tools?

  • You can choose any post you'd like from a profile, hashtag or location check-in.
  • We allow MP4 file formats directly from the Instagram app.
  • We also share an Instagram video downloader service very similar to the one displayed here.

  • After use, you are free to keep your content and share it online.
  • The process is simple: paste your URL in the box and press the download button. It takes less than 10 seconds.
  • The files will not be watermarked and come out in great quality.
  • Join the viral trends and amp up engagement with our free tool, GetInsta!

How to download Instagram Reels videos?

  1. Using the app or your browser, follow the user profile and locate the content you want to save.
  2. Copy the content link from the menu or the main URL bar.
  3. Next, open the GetInsta tab on your computer or phone and paste the Instagram Reel URL you copied into the top field.
  4. When you hit enter, GetInsta will pull up the Reel post and show it on the screen. 
  5. Click on the "Download" button, which appears within seconds. That is when the file is saved in your device storage.

You can now look at Reels Instagram content without an Internet connection. You can send them to your friends, upload them on other sites, and enjoy the fun of exploring!

What devices can I use with GetInsta?

We work on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. It does not matter. We cover all of it! Your need to download the content you want will be covered by us. 

The same goes for Internet browsers. You can paste the Reels link and save it on Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and many others. 

Here are quick tutorials for the most popular devices accessing our site: 

Download any Reels video on your iPhone:

  1. Find the post you want to download in Meta's app or browser versions.
  2. Copy the link to your clipboard to use later.
  3. Have a GetInsta tab ready, move to it, and paste the link.
  4. Click the button and save the Insta reels!

Reels video downloader on Android devices:

  1. Locate the particular post you want to save (you can do it in-app or in-browser version).
  2. Save the URL so you can use it on our site.
  3. Get in the GetInsta tab and paste it into our box.
  4. Hit the button to download Insta Reels.

Download Instagram Reels on your computer/laptop:

  1. Get the link we need ready to go (double-check to make sure it's right).
  2. Insert the Instagram link into the input we provide on this page.
  3. Save mp4 formats to your PC or laptop "Downloads" file. 

Reels video downloader privacy & safety concerns

Our goal is to provide a solution without compromising your or any other user's safety. We have SSL technology and work on repairing the errors as they come. Check our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages for more details.

But what happens when you use our service? Your questions are answered right here:

Is it possible to download Reels videos from any user?

Yes. We can render any query as long as you got the link and entered it here on GetInsta. The service might not bring you any results if the account is privated. 

When I complete a Reels video download, is the user notified?

No. That possibility is not based on how our system works. We are not linked to any social media accounts, we are not a plugin that requires browser data and we do not ask that you sign up to use our download IG reels service. 

Instagram's main app does not send notifications when a post is saved either. There is no way of connecting the two by any trace.

Our reels downloader is a free service!

Which file formats are supported by GetInsta?

We bring the files in MP4 format, which most devices can play automatically. We recommend you look for video-playing software if you can't play them. 

We provide reels with no watermark!

You will not see our logo or any copyright mark on the MP4s. Our servers extract the file data from the app's source code, and we don't intervene to alter it. The same goes for our Instagram photo downloader and our Instagram story downloader services. You will just see the content you are familiar with at a high quality.


Do I have to pay GetInsta to download Reels videos from Instagram?

We put no price tag on your reels Instagram video downloads. Our service is free of charge and works across all main types of devices. 

Do I need to sign up or log in to download Reels videos?

No, you don't have to create an account here to download video reels. We do not need to see any personal or contact information about you as a user. 

Where are the Reels stored and saved after downloading?

The content you want to download will be saved on your phone's storage, usually in a "Downloads" folder. The same goes for PCs and laptops.

Do you impose any limit on downloading?

GetInsta's Instagram video downloader has no daily or IP limits. You have the freedom to use this page at any given time, how many times you'd wish to.