How To Save The Best Instagram HD Quality Pictures?

  1. Find the post you want to download.
  2. Copy the share link from the app or web browser.
  3. Paste it in our link bar.
  4. Click the "Download button".
  5. You're all done! The download completes instantly!

The file is now ready and stored in the downloads folder. Use it however you like.

What Is The GetInsta Instagram Photo Downloader?

GetInsta is a free Instagram downloader that stores picture posts on your device. Use our tool on your phone, laptop, PC, and tablet; we provide variety. The Instagram posts will be saved on both iOS and Android devices. 

Why Save Instagram Photos?

  • Save your own posts without archiving them or when you lose your account.
  • You just have to copy the paste URL and paste it into our site.
  • The file will be saved without any added watermark.
  • You can save your post in different popular picture formats, JPEG or PNG.

Why do you need a Multiple Instagram Photo Downloader?

  1. If you've been locked out of your account and you can't access your posts.
  2. If you've lost your password and you want your posts back.
  3. If you want to use your pictures in a high-quality format which a simple screenshot can't provide.
  4. If you've captured a valuable moment that you don't have in your storage and gallery and want to keep it.

Important notice: Do not use our photo downloader for Instagram to save pictures that are copyrighted or owned by another user. We want to respect the privacy and property of individuals and do not encourage any kind of abusive behavior towards any Meta social users. 

Bonus trick: GetInsta has the Instagram story downloader option as well. Use it to save memories from your personal IG stories with just a few clicks.

Can I use Instagram Downloader for PC?

If you want to download pictures to your PC, you can. GetInsta is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers or laptops. We make sure to keep our service running smoothly. If you encounter an issue, please contact us, and we'll get back to you with a prompt solution.

Is it safe to download images from Insta with GetInsta?

Yes, our service is 100% safe. You will not encounter any issues when you use our tool to download photos. Also, the saved file will be clean, so you don't need to worry about any malware. 

To use this online snapshot tool, you do not need a plugin or app, create an account, or log in. The only data we gather from our users are standard cookies and cache, which you can learn about by browsing our Privacy Policy page. 

You can use GetInsta's service as an Instagram video downloader and as an Instagram reel downloader as well.

Does a user get notified when I save his post?

Nobody receives a notification when you download a single or download multiple Instagram photos. We are not affiliated with Meta apps in any capacity. There is no link between GetInsta and social apps. On top of that, there is no current IG feature to reveal who saves any post. We will not reveal any information about our users and will only use standard data collection to improve our platform.

Our service is meant for social media users to download their personal content. Please visit our Terms and Conditions to understand how our product works.

How to save photos from Instagram on iPhone (iOS)?

  1. Open GetInsta on Safari or your browser of choice.
  2. Go to the post you want to keep.
  3. Copy the post link.
  4. Paste it to our download bar.
  5. Press the Download button and wait a few moments.
  6. You're all done! The post is now saved to your iPhone. 

How to save photos from Instagram on Android?

  1. Open our platform in one tab and open the Instagram app in another.
  2. Go to the post that you want to save.
  3. Copy the link to your clipboard. 
  4. Paste the Instagram photo link in our main picture saver box.
  5. Press the download button and wait a few seconds.
  6. The download is complete. The post is now saved on your Android device. 


Do I have to pay for an HD Instagram Photo Download?

No, there is no payment involved. You can use GetInsta for free, at any time, from any device.

Is it possible to download Instagram photos on pc?

Yes, you can save files from your Instagram account on your PC. Our site is compatible with all the popular PC operating systems and desktop browsers. 

What type of file formats does GetInsta support for downloading?

GetInsta allows you to download photos from Instagram in both PNG and JPG formats. It is up to you how you want these to be downloaded. Choose one or the other when you complete the standard process. 

What are the best quality Instagram images that can be downloaded?

Your saved files will match the quality of the original post. Our picture downloader tool does not change the original version, quality or size. You have the option to edit them later once they're stored in your gallery.

Where are Instagram photos saved after downloading?

Photos are saved to your gallery, cloud, storage space or downloaded files. It depends on the device you're operating on and your preferred download settings.