What is the GetInsta Instagram Video Downloader?

We are a third-party web service that allows you to download HD videos from your Insta profile. We are not affiliated with Meta or any other subsidiaries. 

Our project is meant to help social media users in building an archive of memories or keep a portfolio of their work. Users can't save their video content through the main app. This is where our service comes to your help. We fill the gap that users need when they want to download a specific video file.

Instagram Video Downloader: Online Features

  • Our service is used for single posts and bulk posts alike. How many videos you save and how often you use GetInsta is up to you.
  • The files are available immediately after you click "download".
  • GetInsta is free. You don't need to pay a subscription fee. You don't even have to download an API or be a signed-up member.
  • You have the option to access our Instagram photo downloader and our Instagram story downloader for free as well.

  • We will not add a watermark to the downloads you create by using this page.
  • We offer a great user experience and work to make it better. You can learn more about how we operate from our Terms & Conditions.
  • GetInsta is a safe, encrypted web tool. Don't stress about malware or corrupted files!

How to download videos from Instagram easily?

  1. Go to a post you want to save and copy the video link.
  2. Paste it on our website.
  3. Click the download button next to the URL box.
  4. Let the GetInsta download tool work for a few seconds.
  5. You're done!

What devices are compatible with the GetInsta Downloader?

  • Smartphones: both iOS and Android phones can access this site.
  • PCs and laptops: All desktop devices are compatible.
  • Tablets: This service is available no matter the operating system or brand.

We know that the most popular browsers are Google Chrome and Safari. Even so, we constantly run tests to make sure you'll get the best result, regardless of browser preference. We kindly ask you to contact us if you experience an interruption or encounter an error.

How to download Instagram videos on iPhone?

  1. Have your link ready: go to the post, click the share button, and copy the URL.

  2. Add the link to GetInsta: paste the URL in the white box.

  3. Complete the process: hit download, let the site render, and you're done.

iPhone users will then be able to see the HD videos in their default Files app. They can move them to a different folder or add them to their Favorites List.

How to download Instagram videos on Android?

  1. Copy the video link: you can take it from the IG app or browser version (you can even be logged out, as long as the account is public).

  2. Paste the link you've copied: our paste section looks like a URL or search bar, and it's very simple to use.

  3. Hit download: the page will load for a split second, and your video will be transferred to your Android device.

You will find the file we've converted in the Downloads folder of your Files App. It also takes a few seconds to pop up in your Gallery or Google Drive. This depends on your settings and file preferences. You can switch them from your Settings Menu. 

How to download Instagram videos on your PC or Laptop?

  1. Open a GetInsta tab: we recommend you bookmark this page to have fast access.

  2. Find the URL for the specific post: you can use the IG browser version or transfer the link from another device.

  3. Copy & paste the link: make sure you don't add or delete any characters. Otherwise, you might encounter an error.

  4. Finish the download: press the button, and you're set!

We recommend that you allow downloads and you don't have other plug-ins running. Never use a service you don't trust to save any kind of online file. Have active antivirus software to scan your library. 

If you are looking to save a reel from your profile, check out the Instagram reel downloader page. Remember that using our site means abiding by our Terms of Service.

Does GetInsta keep a history of my downloads?

No, we don't keep a log of posts you've saved. This process is anonymous from when you open the Instagram app to when you're done. The only data stored from our user activities is used to make improvements to our service. The way we handle cookies is explained in our Privacy Policy and is very sensible for your protection. 


GetInsta Instagram video downloader - Is it free?

Yes, we offer a free service. There are no payments and no daily limits you have to obey.

Where is Instagram content saved after downloading?

Our service will add videos to your device and place them in your Downloads files. You may move them to another folder at your discretion.

Can I download the video directly on Instagram with a link?

No, Insta does not have that feature built-in. This is why you need to use GetInsta, instead of screen recording a post and having it at a low quality. 

How many Instagram clips can I download with GetInsta?

You get unlimited downloads. You can press the download button on multiple posts daily. 

What file format GetInsta exports when downloading an Instagram clip?

We prepared the files in MP4 formats. The file size varies depending on the video length.