How does an anonymous Instagram story viewer work?

Our tool activates once you paste the link to our main search bar. The post will be seen on screen for a split second while our service page loads. Afterwards, a screencap appears on the loaded page. You will be able to save the post to your device. 

The best feature we deliver is that the process of access and download is done anonymously. Users will not receive any notification from us or Meta's main app. 

Other worthy features to benefit from:

  • Use GetInsta even if you are logged out of your socials account.
  • See 24h posts from both private and public accounts.
  • We offer visibility to normal and "Close Friends" user updates.
  • Our users do not have to sign up or be logged in to use our pages. GetInsta works without registration. 
  • Your visit will not be logged by IG and you won't appear as a viewing user in the story's view list.
  • We utilize safe API software to access the link you provide to us.
  • Your moves will be discreet, as no history of your view will show up in the main app.

Important notice from our team: GetInsta's view stories services are not meant for unethical purposes. You must always respect the privacy of other social media posters, and excessive behavior is not accepted or encouraged. It is against Meta's TOS and our Terms and Conditions to stalk, bully, harass or hurt anyone's physical or emotional safety. We advocate that you do not misuse the free tool that we provide.

GetInsta's Stories Viewer is simple to understand and use!

  1. Our tool enters the Instagram backend and crawls to identify specific data.
  2. The data retrieved located the specific user ID to localize your user.
  3. A proxy server or an internal database will provide an accurate result to your search (GetInsta automatically chooses the faster route in each case).
  4. It takes the file(s) and saves them, so you can see the content without adding to the viewership history.
  5. The process is entirely done here, on our website, giving no link between you, your IP, your social account and the viewed account.

As you can see, the person behind the profile you're looking for will not see your activity. When the temporary picture or video expires, it is automatically removed from your view. 

We want to once again stress the importance of user discretion and common sense. Our product is meant to give you access to post, in no way do we support or encourage harassment.

Other ways you can use GetInsta:

4 steps to view Insta Stories and Highlights anonymously

  1. Paste the link in the bar indicated at the top of the page: you can paste the post link or the profile link, whichever is easier for you.
  2. Press the button and wait a few seconds as the result renders.
  3. You can now view the story on the updated page.
  4. Lastly, you can save it if you deem it appropriate. 

Do you have to sign up to proceed?

No, you don't need to do that. This page is free, public and requires no additional information about you or your device.

Instagram Story Downloader: IG tool for anonymous story saving

We provide the opportunity to save a story anonymously. We do this for free, with no daily limits, and the Instagram user will not be notified.

Download Instagram Stories with GetInsta: Your pocket tutorial

To activate the GetInsta Instagram story-saver you need to identify the particular update you want to see. In the link bar on our page, enter the link to the account profile. You can keep stories and Instagram highlights from any user with a public Instagram profile.

That's all you need to do, no more, no less. You will see the selection of active and archived posts from the Highlights tabs, and you can completely or selectively click download. The same process is useful for media from hashtags and pinned locations.

We will not store personal or device info from you. We do not need any details to deliver the product we promised. With us, you will be able to have an archive of your favorite moments and memories. Our tool is meant for positive use with no privacy violation intentions.

Use our service on Macs and iPhones

  • Go to the main app and identify the link you need.
  • Use the app features and copy the URL.
  • Come back to this tab and paste the URL.
  • Let the page load, and you'll have your files ready: watch Instagram stories with ease!

View or save Instagram Stories anonymously on Android phones 

  • Access the main app and locate the link required.
  • Click "Copy" on the provided URL from IG's feature.
  • Return to this GetInsta tab and paste the URL.
  • Wait for the page to load and watch stories: your action is complete without a trace on your Instagram account!

Want to view Instagram Stories on a PC or laptop?

The steps are easy to follow:

  • Use your usual web browser to open Instagram.
  • Copy the exact account's link.
  • Paste it into the GetInsa Instagram anonymous story watcher box. 
  • GetInsta will let you look at and download any story from Instagram! 


Are all devices compatible with Instagram Stories Watcher?

Yes! Our service works on smartphones and desktops. It runs on iOS and Android.

How do I see and use a downloaded story?

Check your screen for the "Downloads" folder. That is the place to view Instagram stories anonymously and completely free.

Can the user find out that I'm using GetInsta?

No. Our site is an Instagram anonymous story viewer that allows you to view the posts without a notification delivered to anyone.

Where can I view the saved files on a smartphone?

Just like any file saved from online sources, you will see it in your Downloads or Gallery.

Do I need to sign in?

No, with GetInsta, you see Instagram stories without logging in.

Do I have to pay to save Instagram Story?

No. Try GetInsta today and experience the benefits of our completely free service!