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GetInsta is a free Instagram downloader online service for any kind of IG posts. Our servers quickly create HD copies of IG posts, making our site simple to use.

Discover GetInsta & what it brings to users

GetInsta streamlines the process of downloading pictures and videos posted on Instagram. We know that users need this kind of product. We differ from other similar sites through our top-quality user advantages.

On the monetary aspect, we work entirely for free. No payment is required, and no payment threshold will appear after a certain number of uses.

On the data privacy aspect, we don't ask for anything other than primary cookie collection. Users do not have to sign up on this site or give us any information about their Instagram account.

When it comes to usability, we like to keep things as simple as they can be. The design of our site is intuitive, minimalistic, and the speed is above other similar sites.

Quality-wise, we came up with a recipe that will be pleasing to online users. The files you get from converting posts on our site are HD and unaltered. There will be no watermark or mention of GetInsta on your files.

GetInsta features that redefine the market

Our brand is independent of Instagram & Meta

There is no connection between GetInsta and Meta or Meta subsidiaries. We work independently and receive no compensation from social media companies or branches.

We will maintain this no-involvement attitude and focus on what users need. Our main priority will always be to maintain a competent, working system of content saving.

Caring for users by ensuring quality

We constantly run tests and update the pages that help you download Instagram content. We work on maintaining a high-level overall quality and expand our ideas for valuable shortcuts.

We encourage you to reach out if you've been experiencing any bugs or errors on our part. GetInsta is programmed to work even if your Internet connection fluctuates. But we'd also really like to hear from you regarding any suggestions you may have.

You make our product work, and you can also help us grow. Please leave us a message!

Ethical usage of GetInsta & our commitment to a safe online space

Our tool allows users to recover personal content that they no longer have access to for various reasons.

We do not intend for GetInsta to be a tool to hurt others, whether through stalking, harassment, or unethical content repurposing.

Always navigate the online space while being conscious of your actions and aware of other people's well-being.

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